Dear participants

we are looking forward to exciting and eventful #48hnk2022 with your ideas on the theme:
"Kafayı yemek" / „Ich esse meinen Kopf“ / "I'm going to eat my head off".
Please read everything in detail here and use our FAQ for questions (top right).


The program consists of festival contributions and an open program.

Festival contribution: Application until 02.02.2022:
Please apply with your project/idea to participate in the curated program as a festival entry from 12/15/21-02/02/22 via this platform. 48 hours Neukölln is an open art festival, so every contribution and idea is welcome. Important for us is a good connection to the theme.

Open program: registration until 03.04.2022:
Neukölln project spaces, open studios and guided tours can be registered here until 03.04.2022 - a thematic reference is not necessary here. This offer is only valid for Neukölln art venues.

Please note the conditions of participation below in the text and use our FAQ for questions (top right).

The festival thrives on the voluntary and collaborative engagement of a wide variety of actors from Neukölln and Berlin. We are always working to apply for more fees and funding opportunities for participating artists*. You can find the funding opportunities so far here further down this page. Apart from that, any idea is welcome in the application as a festival contribution.

Please read everything in detail here and use our FAQ for questions (top right).
The entire process of application, program editing and communication will take place on this homepage.

1) Create an user account
2) Log in to your user account
3) Under "Create content" you will find the following options:
    a) Create artist profile b) Create location c) Create application/registration
4) Go to create application/registration
5) Fill out the application form
You can save your application and continue later.

If you still have questions, please contact the 48 Hours team at 030 / 68 24 78 -21/22 or at 48stunden@kulturnetzwerk.de.

Have fun with your preparations,
the team of 48 Stunden Neukölln

The festival date is June 24 18:00 to June 26 2022 18:00.
From 12/15/2021 to 02/02/2022 you can apply to participate as a festival contribution.
Decisions on participation will be sent out on 03/09/2022.
03/31/2022 is the last date to register a location.
Until 04/03/2022 the open program can still be registered.
04/17/2022 is the deadline for festival entries.
04/17/2022 is the last date to apply for a permit through us.

curated group exhibitions, art in public spaces, project in the Kesselhaus of KINDL - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst

The festival is based on the joint initiative and participation of artists, visitors and local residents. Voluntary commitment and the willingness to cooperate across disciplines are the prerequisite for the continuity of the festival. We are constantly working to make new financing possibilities and fees for artists possible. Thanks to a grant from the Berlin Senate, 48 Stunden Neukölln 2022 is able to support outstanding projects financially through the proportional payment of exhibition fees and material costs within a clearly defined framework.

General criteria applied to evaluate the project ideas are:
Creative implementation of the annual theme / Artistic quality / Innovation of the project proposal / Feasibility of implementation.

Further conditions of participation can be found at the bottom of this page.

A possible fee refers to three sub-areas: Please name your application clearly with Art Space Lab, Signal or Kesselhaus. Furthermore, the FB Kultur of the BA Neukölln offers an art grant for #48hnk2022.

1. Participation with a curated group exhibition within the Art Space Lab

In the festival up to seven curatorial projects (e.g. with visual arts, film, performance) can be funded. Selection will be made by a diverse curatorial team.

- Art spaces in Neukölln that are open to the festival theme.
- Groups of artists or curators who use temporary spaces and dedicate themselves to the festival theme in an open-minded way.
- The majority of the artists should be located in Berlin or Neukölln.

What & Where?
- Group presentations (usually 3 - 4 positions) should be organized at the individual art locations.

How much money?
- 300,-€ exhibition fee per artistic position (3-4)
- one-time 350,-€ for the coordination of the exhibition
- up to 500,-€ material costs for the realization of the exhibition project

In addition to the online application at www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de, the following must be uploaded as a PDF file
- Exhibition concept (max. 3 pages)
- List of intended artists with short biographies
- Images of exemplary works
- Optional: floor plan of the exhibition space with preliminary exhibition planning

Application deadline: 02 February 2022 via registration on this website. We give preference in the selection to Art Space Labs that were not funded last year. Subject: Art Space Labs.

2. Participation as an art project in public space

In the series "Signals" installations or sculptural interventions will be created in six public places. These should not only be closely related to the festival theme, but above all offer opportunities for participation or engagement with the content. We also welcome projects in this series that deal with urban space and urban society.

The funding includes 2500€ for artists' fees including the cost of materials. In addition, external helpers and supervisors can be financed by arrangement. The organization in terms of permits and supervision will be supported by a coordinator within the festival team. The selection will be made by a diverse curation team.

In addition to the online application at www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de, the following documents must be uploaded as PDF files
- Concept (max. 3 pages)
- List of artists with short biographies and references
- Sketch of the location with visualization of the planned project

Application until February 02, 2022 via registration on this website. Subject: Signals.

Early, personal contact with an application is expressly desired!
Contact: Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V., Karl-Marx-Strasse 131, 12043 Berlin, Germany.
Sharmila Sharma (sharma@kulturnetzwerk.de) or Siri Ermert (ermert@kulturnetzwerk.de)

3. Participation as art project in the Kesselhaus

This year we are again guests at the KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art and you can exhibit in the Kesselhaus. Three positions will be funded and each artist, groups of artists or a collective will be given the opportunity to design and implement a festival themed concept. The funding includes 850,00€ for each project (artist fee(s) incl. material costs). Every idea and art genre is welcome. Click here for the Kesselhaus

In addition to the online application at www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de, the following must be uploaded as a PDF:
- Concept (max. 3 pages)
- List of artists with short biographies and references
- Visualization of the planned project

Application deadline: February 02, 2022 via registration on this website. Subject: Kesselhaus.

4. Funding by the Department of Culture: Application deadline: January 14th 2022

The Department of Culture of the Neukölln district office has been sponsoring projects that have been shown / presented within the 48 Stunden Neukölln. With a total volume of up to € 20,000, up to € 3,000 per project is eligible. The majority of the funding is spent on the implementation (material costs, fees of third parties). For organization and project management a maximum of 20% of the requested sum may be calculated. Further information: Kunstförderung 48 h Neukölln - Berlin.de

Please contact: Fachbereich Kultur / Bezirksamt Neukölln, Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin
Bettina Busse (
Anna Lena Wollny (
Telephone: 030 / 90239 2431


  • Institutes, project spaces, artist groups and single persons may apply for participation.
  • Events that meet the criteria below may apply. An examination of the applications takes place through the Organisation team of 48 Stunden Neukölln. 
  • The performing project idea/event has to be content-related to the theme of the year.
  • An exception to the theme orientation are open studios, galleries and guided tours that are integrated separately in the communication of the festival.
  • Only projects that have been developed for the coming 48 Stunden Neukölln, or respectively not implemented in this form, are able to apply.
  • Artists are usually only allowed to present their project in one place during the festival.
  • The event locations have to be in the festival area (North Neukölln, within the S-Bahn-Ring).
  • Events should be free of charge for the visitors.
  • Open air stages and road closures are not allowed in 2022. Playing electronic amplified music in public spaces is only allowed until 6 pm at the moment. Details will be communicated before the application deadline.
  • The artists themselves are responsible for finding a suitable space; depending on the possibilities, they will be helped by the project team if needed.
  • Artists should not incur any additional costs for the use of venues for their participation in the festival. Additional allocations on the part of the co-organizers (with the exception of proportionate room rental and additional costs) are not permitted


  • Events with obvious commercial offers, special political party or religious-missionary contents will be excluded from participation.
  • Participatory locations can only be registered by the responsible owner, main tenant or tradesperson.
  • Non-compliance of the opening times and other important arrangements will lead to exclusion from further participation in the festival.

On this homepage the whole process of registration, program editing and communication will take place. The following functions are available here:

•    Register as a user.

•    Submit applications for the festival contribution.

•    Submit applications in the registration free festival formats: Project spaces, open studios and guided tours.

•    Submit an artist profile for your project and link it to your event.

•    Create one or more locations for your project or, if you are in a different location, link them to your project.

•    Programme editorial for the online and print programme.

•    Communication through the Marketplace.

•    Search for locations, projects and project partners on the Marketplace.

In the right hand column, you will find important information and suggestions that will help you with the single working steps. We tried to explain everything as easy as possible and ask you to use the suggestions on the homepage. Added to that, we wrote a detailed FAQ.

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