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Due to the current events we have decided to let the festival take place in an adapted form. Together with you we want to react to the situation with artistic means. We ask you to write us until 19.04.2020 in "my contents" how you want to realize your project under the changed conditions. We will clarify the details in direct communication with you. Please also write to us at 48Stunden@kulturnetzwerk.de and we will call you back as soon as possible.

The following first ideas for the implementation are currently being discussed and are waiting to be developed further by you:


Format: Livestream/ Virtual studio visit / "open consultation hours" (AT)

Open formats are to be filtered on the website, whose operators* are available at certain times (= opening hours) for e.g. skype calls, zoom or IP camera. They can then talk to virtual visitors about their art, show their art and respond to questions.

Format: Podcasts

Idea: Pre-produced audio/video clips, but also recordings of concerts/performances can be presented on the festival website.

Format: 360° exhibition tour

Ideally, specially realised (actually built) exhibitions will be filmed 360° and provided with additional information. This format requires a great deal of effort and technology.

Format: Virtual exhibition tour

Virtual exhibition rooms can be made available as 3D animations, which can then display the artists'* artworks. We can imagine to realize one or two "model rooms". Here too, we are still checking the technical realization. If any of you have expertise or appropriate contacts, we would be happy to hear from you.

Format: Augmented Reality

Works of art can be scanned and digitally processed so that they can be viewed on the wall via smartphone in your own living room.

Format: Discourse program

Our discourse programme will also be available via live streaming or presented via webinar platforms such as Zoom. If guests are allowed to be present at the time of the festival, a form will be chosen in which enough social distance is possible.


Format: advertising spaces become art spaces

Through our sponsor WALL GmbH and the Berliner Fenster we want to distribute advertising pillars and screens as exhibition space to artists* citywide. These artists can work digitally on a prepared template. The logo 48hNK, date and the sponsorship logos would be printed in the frame. If you have any ideas where to request screens for digital clips and pictures, please let us know.

FORMAT: ARTSPACE LAB /art in shop windows.

We ask art spaces, ground floor tenants* and businesses to make their windows and shop windows available for the presentation of art.

Guided tours

At the current state of affairs, it seems unlikely that we will conduct guided tours analogously. However, individual App-guided tours or livestream tours or virtual tours through real rooms can be offered.

As you can see, there is a lot to do. We are looking forward to your ideas!

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Dear Participants of the 48 Stunden Neukölln 2020
we look forward to an exciting and eventful festival and to your projects to the theme “Boom”.
The complete process of registration, programme editorial and communication will take place on this homepage. The following functions are available to you:

•    Register as a user.

•    Submit applications for the Festivalbeitrag and for the Junge Kunstfestival.

•    Submit applications in the registration free festival formats: Project spaces, open studios and guided tours.

•    Submit an artist profile for your project and link it to your event.

•    Create one or more locations for your project or, if you are in a different location, link them to your project.

•    Programme editorial for the online and print programme.

•    Communication through the Marketplace.

•    Search for locations, projects and project partners on the Marketplace.

In the right hand column, you will find important information and suggestions that will help you with the single working steps. We tried to explain everything as easy as possible and ask you to use the suggestions on the homepage. Added to that, we wrote a detailed FAQ and soon we will provide Video Tutorials with important answers to questions.
If questions still arise, please contact the 48 Stunden Neukölln Team under 030 / 6824 74 78 -21 or -40.

Have fun with your preparations

Dr. Martin Steffens, Thorsten Schlenger and the team 48 Stunden Neukölln

Festival: June 19th until June 21st, Start: Fr 19.06. at 7 pm, End: Sun 21.06. at 7 pm.

  • December 2nd 2019 – Start of the application phase /Registration
  • February 3rd: Application deadline for festival contributions
  • March 10th: Application deadline for the Junge Kunstfestival
  • March 9th: Decision on participation – After that the participants need to edit their festival contributions.
  • April 5th: Last chance to register a location or to link to a location.
  • April 5th: Registration deadline for open formats (open studios, galleries and guided tours).
  • April 19th: Editorial deadline.
  • May 19th: Programme is online.



  • Institutes, project spaces, artist groups and single persons may apply for participation.
  • Events that meet the criteria below may apply. An examination of the applications takes place through the Organisation team of 48 Stunden Neukölln.


  • The performing project idea/event has to be content-related to the theme of the year.
  • An exception to the theme orientation are open studios, galleries and guided tours that are integrated separately in the communication of the festival.
  • Only projects that have been developed for the coming 48 Stunden Neukölln, or respectively not implemented in this form, are able to apply.
  • Artists are usually only allowed to present their project in one place during the festival.
  • The event locations have to be in the festival area (North Neukölln, within the S-Bahn-Ring).
  • Events should be free of charge for the visitors.
  • Open air stages and road closures are not allowed in 2020. Playing electronic amplified music in public spaces is only allowed until 6 pm at the moment. Details will be communicated before the application deadline.
  • The artists themselves are responsible for finding a suitable space; depending on the possibilities, they will be helped by the project team if need be.
  • Artists should not incur any additional costs for the use of venues for their participation in the festival. Additional allocations on the part of the co-organizers (with the exception of proportionate room rental and additional costs) are not permitted.



  • Events with obvious commercial offers, special political party or religious-missionary contents will be excluded from participation.
  • Participatory locations can only be registered by the responsible owner, main tenant or tradesperson.
  • Non-compliance of the opening times and other important arrangements will lead to exclusion from further participation in the festival.



  •  Promotion through special funds of the festival

Through a grant from the Berlin Senate, the Kunstfestival 48 Stunden Neukölln will be able to financially support outstanding 2019 projects through the pro-rata payment of exhibition fees and material costs in a clearly defined framework.

General criteria that are used to assess the project ideas are:

   Creative realization of the annual theme

•    Artistic quality

•    Innovation of the project plans

•    feasibility of implementation

A possible reward refers to three subareas:

1. Participation in the central group exhibition

The festival management will make a selection of all applications in close consultation with an external coordinator / curator. Participation in the central group exhibition will be rewarded with an exhibition fee of € 300 per artistic position (artist / artist group).

No separate application is necessary here. However, it is advisable to submit a project outline with concrete ideas and visualizations early on in order to increase the chances of being invited to participate.

2. Participation in a curated group exhibition within the framework of Art Space Lab

Up to six curatorial projects (for example, visual arts, film, performance) can be sponsored in the festival. This funding is primarily aimed at existing art spaces in Nord-Neukölln, which are open to the festival theme. However, artist groups or curators can also apply for temporary places. At the individual art locations, group presentations (usually 3 - 4 positions) should be organized. For each artistic position 250 € exhibition fees are available. For the coordination of the exhibition, a one-off payment of € 350 can be made. In addition, up to € 500 in material costs can be claimed for the realization of the exhibition project and 50 € per artist for material costs. The majority of artists should live in Berlin. The selected projects are selected by the coordinators in close coordination with the festival management.

In addition to the online application at www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de are to be uploaded as a PDF:

   exhibition concept (maximum 3 pages)

        •    List of intended artists with short biographies

•    Illustrations of exemplary works

   Optional: floor plan of the exhibition space with provisional exhibition planning

Application until February 3rd 2020

3. Participation as an art project in the public space

In the series "Signals" installations and sculptural interventions will be created in three public squares. These should not only have a close connection to the festival theme, but above all they should offer opportunities for participation and content.

The funding includes € 1,500 for artists' fees and € 1,500 for material costs. In addition, external helpers and supervisors can be financed. The organization in terms of permits and oversight is supported by a coordinator within the festival team. The selection is made by the coordinator in close coordination with the festival management.


In addition to the online application at www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de are to be uploaded as PDF:

   Concept (maximum 3 pages)

        •    Artist list with short biographies and references

        •    Sketch of the site with visualization of the planned work

Please apply in digital form by February 3rd 2020

An early, personal contact with an application is expressly desired!

Please contact: Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V., Karl-Marx-Straße 131, 12043 Berlin

Dr. Martin Steffens (steffens@kulturnetzwerk.de), Thorsten Schlenger (schlenger@kulturnetzwerk.de), Nadine Lorenz (lorenz@kulturnetzwerk.de)

Telephone: 030/68 24 78 17


  • Funding by the Department of Culture

The Department of Culture of the Neukölln district office has been sponsoring projects that have been shown / presented within the 48 Stunden Neukölln. With a total volume of up to € 20,000, up to € 3,000 per project is eligible. The majority of the funding is spent on the implementation (material costs, fees of third parties). For organization and project management a maximum of 20% of the requested sum may be calculated. Further information: https: //www.berlin.de/kunst-und-kultur-neukoelln/foerderung/kunstfoerder ...

Application deadline: January 15th 2020

Please contact: Fachbereich Kultur / Bezirksamt Neukölln, Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin

Bettina Busse (Bettina.Busse@bezirksamt-neukoelln.de),

Anna Lena Wollny (anna.wollny@bezirksamt-neukoelln.de)

Telephone: 030 / 90239 2431

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