Dear Participants of the 48 Stunden Neukölln 2018
we look forward to an exciting and eventful festival and to your projects to the theme “NEUE ECHTHEIT”* (*referring to the issue of what is real, authentic and genuine).
The complete process of registration, programme editorial and communication will take place on this homepage. The following functions are available to you:

•    Registrate as a user.
•    Submit applications for the Festivalbeitrag and for the Junge Kunstfestival.
•    Apply for registration in the registration free festival formats: projectspaces, open studios and guided tours.
•    Apply an artist profile for your project and link it to your events.
•    Apply one or more locations for your project or link it if you are using an unknown location.
•    Programme editorial for the online and print programme.
•    Communication through the Marketplace.
•    Search for locations, projects and project partners on the Marketplace.

In the right hand column you will find important information and suggestions that will help you with the single working steps. We tried to explain everything as easy as possible and ask you to use the suggestions on the homepage. Added to that, we wrote a detailed FAQ and soon we will provide Video Tutorials with important answers to questions.
If questions still arise, please contact the 48 Stunden Neukölln Team under 030 / 6824 74 78 -21 or -40.

Have fun with your preparations

Dr. Martin Steffens, Thorsten Schlenger and the team 48 Stunden Neukölln



Dear Participants, until February 11th 2018, you have the opportunity to apply for the Festivalbeiträge with your ideas.
Guided tours, open studios and galleries can also be registered.



Festival: June 22nd until June 24th,   Start: Fr 22.06. at 7 pm, End: Sun 24.06. at 7 pm.

  • December 11th 2017 – Start of the application phase /Registration
  • February 11th: Application deadline for festival contributions
  • March 09th: Application deadline for the Junge Kunstfestival
  • March 12th: Decision on participation – After that the participants need to edit their festival contributions.
  • April 13th: Last chance to register a location or to link to a location.
  • April 20th: Registration deadline for open formats (open studios, galleries and guided tours).
  • April 20th: Editorial deadline.
  • Mai 25th: Programme is online.



  • Institutes, project spaces, artist groups and single persons may apply for participation.
  • Events that meet the criteria below may apply. An examination of the applications takes place through the Organisation team of 48 Stunden Neukölln.



  • The performing project idea/event has to be content related to the theme of the year.
  • An exception to the theme orientation are open studios, galleries and guided tours that are integrated separately in the communication of the festival.
  • Only projects that have been developed for the coming 48 Stunden Neukölln, or respectively not implemented in this form, are able to apply.
  • Each artist is allowed to present his/her projects only in one location.
  • The event locations have to be in the festival area (North Neukölln, within the S-Bahn-Ring).
  • Events should be free of charge for the visitors.
  • Open air stages and road closures are not allowed in 2018. Playing electronic amplified music in public spaces is only allowed until 6 pm at the moment. Details will be communicated before the application deadline.
  • Artist are alone responsible in the search for a suitable location; depending on the possibilities, they will be helped by the project team if need be.
  • There should be no extra costs for the artists for the use of event locations in the participation of the festival. Additional shares in the cost on the part of the co-organizers (with the exception of partial leasing and utilities) are prohibited.



  • Events with obvious commercial offers, special political party or religious-missionary contents will be excluded from participation.
  • Participatory locations can only be registered by the responsible owner, main tenant or tradesperson.
  • Non-compliance of the opening times and other important arrangements will lead to exclusion from further participation in the festival.


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