The festival 48 Stunden Neukölln consists of the cooperation of


Who is the organiser?

The organiser of 48 Stunden Neukölln is the Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V. They take over the co-ordination; applications and the implementation of the festival (see Cooperation Agreement).


Who is the organiser?

Every person who can provide a space becomes a co-organiser when they accept the Cooperation Agreement. With this Agreement all liability questions and mutual rights and duties are defined. If an artist provides a space or uses it, he/she is automatically co-organiser. Under the category “My locations" you can enter the location/address of that space.


Who is the co-organiser?

All those who wish to present their various artistic activities at the 48 Stunden Neukölln, regardless of their registration of a location, are artists. If you use an unknown space, you should clarify liability questions with the owner of the location in writing.



On the start page of the user field you will find all important details. All important information, meetings and appointments will be released here.

Information flow

All relevant information concerning the festival can be seen in the user field. In your own interest we ask all of you to read the newest information in the user field regularly. Important information will be sent regularly as a newsletter to all the participants. The latest level of information is always to be found in the user field.

On „Meine Anmeldung/Bewerbung“ (My registration/application) you will find a list of your compiled events and are able to see the edited status.

Co-organisers and artist can compile various events in the user section.

We differentiate between the event form of festival contributions (with application) and the festival formats of guided tours, open studios and galleries (open registration).


Festival contribution 48 Stunden Neukölln: To be represented in the festival with a contribution you have to apply. The application phase begins on the 15.12.2021 and ends on the 02.02.2022.
You can apply with more than one project. The submitted project idea has to refer to the predefined theme of the year, this year it is„Kafayı yemek“ / „Ich esse meinen Kopf“ / „I'm going to eat my head off“. It should be a temporary project title and a short concept of up to 2000 characters can be entered. In addition to that, every applicant has the opportunity to upload supplementary materials such as JPEG or PDF files, to visualize your ideas. Your application can be edited and viewed online. Please remember to save all your work steps before you leave the page. When you have completed your entry you should submit your application. You put a tick in the box, thereby closing this work step and submitting your application to us. The deadline is on 02.02.2022. Changing your entry is not possible after these steps.

Important notice: Every single programme point (for example: supplementary discussions of an exhibit or reading after a concert) requires a separate application. All-in-one applications along the lines of “Buntes Programm zu ….” will not be accepted.

Every event must adhere to an art discipline that matches the character of the event. For instance: Art/Exhibition; Dance/Performance;
Reading; Interdisciplinary; Theatre etc. The decision on participation will be announced on 09.03.2022. If we have questions to your application, the festival team may get in touch with you before the expiration of the deadline. Kulturnetzwerk e.V. reserves the right to change or revoke the decision of participation.


Open formats/Registration

Guided tours, open studios and projectspaces are open formats in the scope of the 48 Stunden Neukölln. You may register your studio or gallery without the application procedure. The registration has to follow at the latest on March 31th. You can alter your data until the editorial deadline of 17.04.2022.
Kulturnetzwerk e.V. reserves the right to change or revoke the decision of participation.

Important notice: Applying for permits at the Public Order Office through the organisers is not in this section. We declare emphatically that you have to obtain the required permits yourself. In many cases you may have to obtain permits at the Public Order Office. Permit applications for co-organisers have to be submitted to the Public Order Office no later than 17.04.2022.


A projectspace is by our definition an established location that aims to exhibit and/or present contemporary art. A pub, club or restaurant does not qualify as a gallery in this context.


An open studio is by our definition a location that continually produces art. This includes rehearsal rooms, co-working spaces, classic studios, photo studios, workshops and fashion studios. Only what is produced there, should be presented. A pub, club or restaurant does not qualify as a gallery in this context.



An application for the festival is an obligation. Opening times should be adhered to. Should there be any changes after the deadline on the 17.04.2022, we request you to inform the 48 Stunden team immediately.



Every event needs to compile a location that is to be found under “Create location”

To compile a location the cooperation agreement needs to be approved by Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.

Important notice: Locations may only be entered if they are managed by the co-organisers, an agreement from the owner of the location exists, or if the owner provides the location for individual projects.

A location can be allocated to one or more events. Locations not initiating their own events in the festival may be offered at the Marktplatz (Marketplace) or be linked up to artists by the festival team.

The stated address must be clear and precise. Additions like "in the courtyard", "in the attic", "in the 2nd yard" or "Stair B" are helpful. You also have the opportunity to add a telephone number and web address to the location. 

Attention: This information will be published on the online programme!


Are you looking for artists to perform at your event location? Then please use our Marketplace and enter the location code in agreement with the event location. Please read the help text in the right column.

Add more entries

You can also enable other applicants and cooperation partners to use your location. For this you need to connect to each other on the marketplace (Marktplatz). There the other applicant/cooperation partner can send you the LOCATION CODE (it is marked in yellow in the application and easy to find). Then you need to enter the LOCATION CODE in your location in the field “Veranstaltungsort freigeben für: …. (release the event location for: …) and save. After this step your location will be shown in the application of the unknown applicant and released, the applicant can choose and save it. That way a link between your location and an unknown applicant is achieved.



In the map module that is based on google maps, you should enter the address of the location and thereby set a PIN or DOT on the map that shows the online town map. These dots will be taken over for the internet programme or programme booklet. We urge you to carefully examine the map to ensure it is not in the false block of houses. If these entries are not precise enough, errors will arise and that could lead to visitors not finding the locations. There is the possibility to move the PIN or DOT on to the map by hand. Thereby the entered address will change, but important is that the DOT has been properly put in the map. We take over the correct address from the field above.



We give the artists taking part in the festival, the opportunity to publish a short version of their artist profile. This is an ideal information platform of our homepage for visitors to receive information about the artists (CVs, texts, link on homepages, images).

Only the name is obligatory. But it is best to enter more data to ensure that visitors are informed about you.


Permits at the Public Order Office

Here you should give detailed and truthful information if and when permits are needed. There is a difference between:

  • noise permit
  • lighting permit
  • park permit
  • public thoroughfare permit
  • civil engineering permit

In the input mask there are more comments on this. The project team is available when necessary for queries.

Basically the following applies:
Kulturnetzwerk will provide permits for all festival entries (obligatory applications) at the Public Office Order. Permits for the use of private areas or for the selling of drinks (fee required) need to be applied for by the co-organisers. Events where entry fees are requested need to apply for the permits themselves. These are regarded as “commercial” events.

To ensure a smooth handling, we need the exact input about the method and duration of the requested “disturbance”. In the range of public thoroughfare sketches are often indispensable. We ask for your cooperation as the amount of permits has risen and it is also associated with a lot of work.



For each event the co-organisers need to make sure that the editorial contents for the programme is available. The entered application text is found under the field ANSICHT as READ ONLY. The texts are intended for the application of the events in the print programme (140 characters) and on the online programme (720 characters). Texts should reproduce the contents so the public immediately has an idea what to expect. There is also the possibility for artists and co-organisers to enter the text for their event in English. Unfortunately, we do not have the option to check the translated version. Therefore it would be useful to get professional help for your translations. The editorial pages of our homepage, is translated by a translator of our confidence who also translates for a modest fee. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the 48 Stunden Neukölln team.



We offer all participants the opportunity to apply with an image of their event on our online programme. Additional to that artists have the opportunity to upload up to 3 images to present themselves and their work.

Image quality: The file should not be bigger than 2 MB. Please note that images of bad quality or the resolution shown in full size will not be reproduced very well. The images will be automatically changed to a suitable size by the system (JPEG).

Obligatory entries: Naming the owner of the photo rights (often the name of the photographer). The simple, not transferable rights of the setup of an image can be transferred to Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.
To use these images or an extract for the coverage in online and print media (i.e. public relations) about the festival. Please make sure that you have the necessary rights to transfer to the organiser, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.

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